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17th Oct 16

Photo Gallery: is trade a dirty word as US Election looms?

At the Rural Press Club’s October Breakfast, Scott Shearer of the Bockorny Group, provided a US perspective into:

  •  the US election campaign and what it could mean for the future of trade and agricultural policy in the US; and
  • what is over the horizon, and what the implications are for the Australian livestock industry.

20th Sep 16

All In It Together To Protect the Reef for 2050

FARMING alongside the Great Barrier Reef has come under scrutiny in recent years for its harmful environmental impact on the Reef, but with teamwork between farmers, industries, and government, it is possible to have a healthy Reef and successful farming coexist in 2050.


  • 17th Nov 16 Brisbane

    November Lunch: Australian Agriculture – Funding our Future

    It’s a story many of us have heard before … that Australia’s agriculture sector has an enormous future opportunity driven by the continuing shift of economic growth from the developed to the developing world.

    Capturing this opportunity depends on our ag sector addressing some of the key issues that are hindering performance and holding back potential future growth.

    Please join Mark Bennett (ANZ Head of Agribusiness) for a panel discussion and the release of an ANZ research report ‘Australian Agriculture – Funding our Future’, which looks at the future funding models for farming in Australia. The panellists include Michael Blakeney, Investment Director, Blue Sky Water Partners and Quentin Kennedy, Managing Director, Kialla Pure Foods.

  • 1st Dec 16 Brisbane

    2016 Christmas party

    Kick off the silly season at the 2016 Rural Press Club and Agribusiness Australia Christmas Party at the ABC Southbank studios on Thursday, 1 December.

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