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21st Apr 16

Australian pulses on the money

It was all good news from Pulse Australia’s Chairman and AGT Foods CEO, Peter Wilson, when he addressed the Rural Press Club on Thursday 14 April on the outlook for the pulse industry.

8th Apr 16

Bush Babe Hits Brisbane

It was a 1,200km round road trip for rural blogger, Amanda Salisbury to attend the 2016 Rural Media Awards in Brisbane on 18 March - but it was all worthwhile winning the Rural Social Media Award and sharing her views on social media and the data drought facing many in the bush.


  • 22nd Jul 16 Brisbane

    July Lunch - Keeping a ‘Futureye’ on consumer demands for food producers

    Consumer interest in food means that agriculture has to answer more questions than ever before about how it delivers our food supply. Yet the level of trust has been dropping with consumers. It’s now critical that the sector identifies and manages contentious issues more effectively to win a social licence.

    Join us for our July lunch to hear Katherine Teh-White, Managing Director of international consultancy Futureye on her innovative approach to resolving some of the contentious issues facing modern agriculture.

    Bookings will open shortly.

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