The Rural Press Club also sponsors the excellence in rural journalism award for the annual Queensland Clarion Awards run by the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance (MEAA).

29 August 2015

2016 Winner - Baby Cash, Kirstin Murray, Australian Broadcasting Corporation

Judges’ comments: “`Baby Cash’ was a gripping, well-executed story about a rare parasite active in warm water. It not only highlighted a single family’s pain, but revealed wider, potentially deadly implications for other rural households. Kirstin went to considerable effort to obtain interviews with the doctors and families affected. The piece was beautifully shot and edited, and told with empathy and insight through the eyes of the parents of baby Cash.”

2015 Winner - The Big Dry, Pip Courtney & Caitlyn Gribbin, ABC Landline

ABC TV Landline’s Pip Courtney and Caitlyn Gribbin have won the Rural Journalism Award at the 2015 Queensland Clarion Awards for their story The Big Dry highlighting the plight of farmers in western Queensland now facing their fourth year of drought.

2014 Winner - Horns of a Dilemma, Pip Courtney, ABC Landline

ABC Landline’s Pip Courtney’s confronting animal welfare story about the dehorning of calves and the northern beef industry’s efforts to find a painless genetic solution has won the 2014 Queensland Clarion Award for rural journalism.

2013 Winner - The Long Goodbye, Trent Dalton, The Australian

A touching story by News Ltd journalist Trent Dalton about the separation anxiety experienced by many country parents who make the heart-wrenching decision to send their children often many hundreds of kilometres away to attend boarding school, was the winner of the rural journalism category at the 2013 Clarion Awards - Queensland's major awards for journalistic excellence.